Silver Alloy Batteries

Amaron Silver Inside

Silver Alloy batteries are a type of lead-acid battery with grids made from lead-calcium-silver alloy, instead of the traditional lead-antimony alloy or newer lead-calcium alloy.

They stand out for its resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures. The result of this improvement is manifested in increased battery life and maintaining a high starting power over time. 

Key advantage of Silver-Alloy Batteries:
Increased corrosion resistance
Greater resistance to high temperatures
longer shelf life
longer life of use (3 years and above)
minimal self-discharge
Highest Reserve Capacity

The Exclusive Silven X technology patented in every AMARON battery is made of silver alloy technology with tremendous heat-resistance which is highly suitable for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

AMARON Series of Silven X Batteries


AMARON GO Series of batteries are the most "Value for Money" choice of selections. Its offer the longest warranty program up to 3 Years with the *AMARON 36 Pro-Rata warranty. 


AMARON HILIFE Series of batteries are the LONG LASTING batteries. It has excellent track records of life span. Although it's warranty is only 18 months,  some of our customer actually used them up to 6 years! 

Amaron DURO

AMARON HILIFE DURO Series of batteries are specially designed for Start-Stop Vehicle (PERODUA Eco-Idle, etc) which allow you to save the fuel during vehicle is idle/not moving while you can still keep the car air-conditional and audio/video sets running. When accelerator is pressed, your car engine will then restart and you can resume driving without worry with AMARON HILIFE DURO battery.


AMARON HILIFE PRO Series of batteries are designed to meet the DIN standard which is adapted by most of the continental car brand. It offer the longest warranty period - up to 3 Years! with the *AMARON 36 Pro-Rata warranty program. 


AMARON HEAVY DUTY HIWAY Series of batteries are designed for commercial vehicles especially N100 and above. It offer the longest 12 months standard warranty for commercial vehicle.

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